IndustrialBids – where industrial companies connect

IndustrialBids is an auction-based tool created to help the industrial companies to find orders and subcontractors in various fields of manufacturing like metals, textiles, wood, etc. With its easy-to-use interface, convenient auction browsing and FREE joining and use, IndustrialBids is something that a production company needs to achieve its financial goals and arrange its production the best way.

With today's tendency of globalization and outsourcing production to countries with more competitive prices and available production capabilities, auction-based platforms like IndustrialBids are perfect for bringing the production companies together in a place where orders and offers meet.

Industrial companies can look for new orders to fill their free production capabilities, choosing the best conditions based on the information provided by the order's owner. Thereafter, the company can place a bid for this order with the quote for their production cost and completion date. When the auction is over, the order's owner will get in touch with production company to discuss the details and arrange the production.

If an industrial company has orders and is looking for a subcontractor to produce them, it can open an auction in IndustrialBids, specifying the order description and a required due date. Technical specifications and drawings can also be uploaded at this stage. Various production companies will now be placing their bids with production quotes, so when the auction is over, the company can choose the very best offer and arrange the production with the auction winner.

An advanced rating system is used by IndustrialBids to evaluate the participants, helping the companies to choose the very best bidder also by its reputation on the platform. Production company's reliable performance and attitude to partners will be granted with the highest rating and therefore bring more business in the future.

Another great feature that IndustrialBids offers is a possibility to look for subcontractors and orders in a certain area or country: choosing a partner by geographical location is essential for calculation of shipping costs, terms and general order completion date.

Development team of IndustrialBids combined their efforts to create a product which is not only easy-to-use, but stable, error-free and secure, which adds even more credit for its reliability as a useful tool for any production company.