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Free, simple to use industrial orders auction
More than 36 successful deals made for € 114 945
How the IndustrialBids works?
The IndustrialBids auction system aimed to help your company with the following:

Find New Production Orders

Your company has free production capabilities and is looking for new production orders to fill them

1. Select a production order

Select a production order that fits your production capabilities from the list of available orders

2. Place your bid

Based on order information, make a quote and place a bid with your cost and completion date

3. Get contacted

If you offer is accepted, the auction owner will contact you to arrange production

Find Best Subcontractor

Your company is looking for the best subcontractor possible to outsource some production

1. Submit a production order

Enter a production due date, item description and upload some technical drawings

2. Choose the best offer

Based on price, location, rating, etc. choose the best offer from the bids received

3. Get in touch with the winner

Using the provided details, contact the auction winner to arrange production
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"With IndustrialBids we were able to setup an effective array of subcontractors, that comply with our quality, price and time requests"SnowLion Machines SIA, Latvia
No charge to join and use
Advanced ratings system
Flexible auction settings
Extensive list of subcontractors
Best price and production terms
All orders in one place